MacRuby Site Live

The new MacRuby website is alive and kicking with a new look and feel (courtesy of me) and a nice Webby-based backend (courtesy of Rich Kilmer).

Webby is a Ruby framework that allows the user to work with model files to build a static site. We have a lot of helper methods and ERB that ends up dumped out as HTML when we run the deploy command. It’s similar to WordPress in that way, and it is a phenomenal tool for building static sites that feel dynamic. While it does support things such as HAML and SASS, we relied on good old Textile to get the job done.

The site is run without a database. It uses structs and helper methods to generate everything. For example, if Rich wanted to add someone to the “Project Team” list, he would simply update the Ruby array of people objects and the helpers loop through and make it all nice and styled. There was more info presented on this page initially, being the name, URL, focus and company affiliation, but it was simplified down for some of the presenters. The Special Thanks are handled in the same way.

We’ve been very happy to see some of the recent press about MacRuby as well. If you haven’t seen it, please check out:

Upcoming MacRuby Implementation to be Substantially Faster (at ArsTechnica)

  1. Pass says:

    Thanks, Suriname is great and the kids are loving it! BTW, going for Ruby when I did was pabbroly the best career move I could wish for.. the $$$ is great and it's oh soo much more fun than PHP/Java I am picking up some Java again though because of Android. I personally think it will be huge so I definitely want a piece of the action..

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