Sorry for the Absence

The house at Oatlands Mill

Sorry for my absence of late, but I’ve been busy. We’ve been pushing on developing our new product at InfoEther and I’m going to be moving out west of Dulles Airport to a place (pictured above) next to Oatlands Plantation.

We (myself and some friends) have been working on a 1200 sq ft garden and we’re going to be firing up the grill and enjoying the summer. I’ll be out that way in July.

  1. Mariana says:

    Hi Rob and Sarah,well done both of you!im sorry we did not meet up again, we are still in CT doing the visa and shipping thing, prbaobly will still be here in xmas time??sorry to say i have only today found your website. i read the last few days and its a wierd feeling to think that you have left and returned home!! i picked up dianes shoes yesterday and thought the hotel looked a grand place to spend your last days here. (they would not let me thru the door;=). thank you for collecting them, her flops are very worn now!Keep in touch, it was a pleasure to have travelled along side you, thank you for rescueing me in sudan .take care of each other and if we ever return to england we look you up ..Andrew

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