RailsConf 2010 Talk and Slides

My RailsConf talk Curing DIV-itis with Semantic HTML, CSS and Presenters went off great, with a standing room only attendance and some great questions. I apologize for not having a decent presenter example in the slide deck. I was concerned about hitting my time limit with the slide count (but ended up coming in around 30 minutes instead).

You can get the slides from either the link above or here (9.7MB PDF)

  1. Guua says:

    Didn't Wiley find you at that Rails talk? Imagine if you hadn't given it. No Wiley. No LanguageCalls. No Lloyd, HQ, Nevinator, Scott Lee, Paul Coffey, etc. You have WAY more great stories to tell than you once did, and you have BLUG to thank for that.

  2. Gerson says:

    KenNote to other confused reareds: scan can mean either glance at quickly or study intently (yes, opposites!). In this case, and on Jakob's pages, it's used to mean skim (which only has the former meaning).

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