DIV-itis Talk Comes to NovaRUG

The kind people at NovaRUG have invited me to deliver my RailsConf talk on June 29th at NearInfinity in Reston, Virginia. I’ll be updating and greatly expanding the coverage of the talk, since we have a lot more time. I’ll get a decent presenter example worked up for you all as well.

If there are any things you’d like to see in the talk that I didn’t cover before or tools you think I should cover, feel free to email me or leave a comment here.

  1. Dwi says:

    Charles: I do have a twitter anocuct: . However, I haven't really used it yet. Kind of have mixed feelings about the way twitter works. But you're right the community is all on it and I probably need to at least monitor it more often than I do.Peter: You're right: there should be a more obvious link to the rest of the series. I added a link to a that points to all the articles in this series. That I think should suffice as a table of contents that I won't have to update manually every time a new entry is posted. Thanks! (from a regular listener)

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