CatShitOne: Animation Gone Warzone

This modernized version of the 1980s manga classic has been updated for fighting in the sandbox with current weapons and modern fire-and-maneuver methods of close quarters combat. The 190s version was released under the title of Apocalypse Meow, a parody of Francis Ford Copolla’s Vietnam epic Apocalypse Now.

There’s some stuff that jumped out as “wait a minute” such as never having to change a magazine, that the rifles aren’t standard for what the guys over there are using (M4 variants, M-14 designated marksman updates, some of the newer rifles like the SDM-R [Squad Designated Marksman Rifle]), and the chopper looks like one of the old Soviet ones instead of the US Apache helicopters used by the air assault divisions in the US Army today.

It’s surprising considering how much other detail is spot on (e.g. the press check) that they would miss things like this. But it’s a great way to waste 20 minutes and it’s quite impressive in regards to the CG animation, lighting and particle effects.

UPDATE: They removed the full episode and now have the trailer only. Still a good watch :)

  1. Halimah says:

    Ha, I could have used this book a few years ago. When my wife first moved in I found myself alone on the first day of socohl with no idea how to do my step-daughter's hair when she got ready in the morning. After the first few days she started doing her own hair and has never asked me to do it again. Would have made a great post but I think that was before I started blogging.

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