A Very Awkward Moment

I’ll bet that the guy went off script and the female anchor decided to decisively win the echange. Without missing a beat, she tossed off that comment and went right back to work. Awesome.

  1. Jesus says:

    Chewxy: yes, Google Analytics does have click paths (and some other good metrics). I just don't like their inrcefate very much.MeasureMap doesn't give really detailed stats, but it does provide most of what the average blogger would like: total page hits, per-post statistics, and comment counts. But you have to manually edit your templates to get all that. They've also got a nice-looking, clean, simple inrcefate.Reinvigorate is a nice middle-ground. The pages are visually pleasing (though the navigation could use some tweaking), and you get detailed visitor and page stats. You don't get comment counts, but you can get that right from your blog, anyhow.

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