Remaindered Links for 25 Feb 2011

TSA Agent Slips Through DFW Body Scanner with a Gun (Repeatedly)
At least we know that completely invasive and expensive machines are totally worth the cost, right? Give me my 4th Amendment back and cut out the security theatre crap.

Magnetic North Shifting North at a Fast Rate
The magnetic north pole has been moving north from the Canadian ice pack/Hudson Bay are up towards the physical North Pole of theplanet. This can affect not only compasses but other navigation aids as well. Get your updated magnetic declanation at the NOAA site since almost any map you have will be wrong.

Where Have All The Good Men Gone?
I’ll tell you where—they’ve given up. They’ve been drugged up and told to behave instead of acting like boys and competing and getting into fights and playing in the dirt. Extreme feminism has finally won, and a woman can finally do a man’s job. But with these men having no interest in doing a woman’s job, it leaves the woman doing both. Twenty-something girlfriends take care of and boss around their twenty-something boyfriends, and effectively replace the boy’s mother and then complain that the boy won’t become a man. Maybe it’s time to reinstate the draft.

Track Anyone via GeoLocations
We saw what happened when Adam Savage posted a photo of his car from his phone last fall and accidentally gave away his home address. Here’s another freaky thing that can happen. People can basically stalk your location. Think of it as the CIA room in The Bourne Identity but just on someone’s desktop. Of course, if you check in and broadcast religiously on FourSquare, this means nothing to you.

Gun Running Scandal at ATF
So the ATF has let people buy guns they know shouldn’t buy them so they can let them smuggle them across the border to then claim that the gun laws are too loose and therefore need to be tightened. Between the TSA and BAFTE, I’m not sure who is more corrupt and impotent as an organization. They should both be disbanded, since they appear to help the problem more than fight it.

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