1. Roya says:

    that a bottle on their wine list costs 2bd times what the same one would cost in a wine store.” with That would be a 40% wine cost. I think that is auclalty a little low. It is also nearly double what chefs would like to keep their food costs at I know that most restaurants cost the majority of their wine at roughly 3- 4 times cost. That *could* end up being around 2 1/2 times shelf cost depending on the retail store's own cost/markup structure.The funny thing is, when civilians complain about wine markup, they don't realize that, normally, the more expensive the wine, the better bargain they're getting. Expensive bottles ($50+ in more modest restaurants and $100+ in fancier restaurants with big wine lists) are usually only marked up 2 2 1/2 times cost whereas that cheap white zinfandel is usually marked up 4 times.Just thought I'd mention that.

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