My name is John Athayde, and I’m a recovering wannabe-dot-commer.

Portrait of the artist as a young man taken by Douglas Sonders

I live in Arlington, Virginia, and work for LivingSocial as a Senior UI/UX Developer. I also have a film and design firm named Meticulous that I used to run with a character named Justin "Boom Boom" Hankins. My sister Angie heads up the film side of things. We do stuff with stuff but we mainly like doing this kind of stuff with these kind of people.

I write songs. I do vocals, guitar and laptop in Rotoscope and guitar and keyboards in Juniper Lane. I have an electronic production project called Boboroshi and Kynz

I was born on August 25th which makes me a Virgo, but I don’t always feel like one (except all the “you will be anal, nit picky, and bear grudges” stuff). I’m ENFJ. I was born in Houston, Texas, but my family is all Bay-Area California and Reno, Nevada. After a short stint in Los Angeles (ages 2-5.95) the family moved to Yorktown, Virginia, and has been there ever since. I went to school at Walsingham Academy in Williamsburg, Virginia, [excessively touristy site here] and helped to cause grief and frustration in the administration with my “nappy long hair.” I have a sister and a brother, neither of whom have web sites. I’m the “geek” of the family, which is also known as Christmas morning tech support. Sometimes the family likes to call on this skillset year round.

I went to Catholic University for Architecture and I finished my masters degree in the stuff too. I don’t practice. While there Julian Zottl showed me some early 90s text editor web page thingy (anyone remember HotDogPro?) and I made the first version of this page. It has been wiped from any disk that held it more times than I can count. This is more or less version seven of the site.

I used to intern for Spector Knapp and Baughman. I used to project manage for RTKL. I used to art direct OnTap Magazine. I used to be the Creative Director at InPhonic. I used to play bass and keyboards in Honor By August. I used to run a UI/UX consultancy with the “reasonably infamous” Amy Hoy called Hyphenated People. I used to do a lot of things, but I’m clean now. Honest.

My blogger code is B9 d++ t+ k+ s+ u- f- i o+ x e+ l- c—

Photo by Douglas Sonders