2011 In Review; 2012: The Year of Shipping It

2011: The year is almost over and looking back, it’s been a pretty good awesome year. I married a wonderful woman in August, moved to LivingSocial in March (via the Infoether acquisition), and moved from The Farm at Oatlands Mill to Alexandria. A lot of work went into The Rails View book for Pragmatic Programmers and I finished a few freelance client sites for EFM, Market Street Advisors, and Guggenheim Securities.

But 2012? I’ve resolved that 2012 will be the year of shipping stuff. There’s far too much stuff sitting around on my hard drive that’s in a partially finished state and it needs to be delivered or abandoned entirely. And to that end:

The 2012 SHIP IT List

  • Relaunch Boboroshi.com
  • Relaunch Meticulous.com, including new MeticulousTalent.com
  • Ship “The Rails View” book including TheRailsView.com site
  • Redesign WeLoveDC responsively
  • Setup a new ongoing site for JohnandWhitney.com
  • Finish the Eden Soundtrack
  • Finish the Rotoscope record
  • Ship the Juniper Lane “Standing on the White Line” record (with remixes)
  • Finish at least a Boboroshi & Kynz EP
  • Ship FlickrFndr, a Flickr/Creative Commons utility
  • Ship the first version of an iOS gardening app

And a few other projects I’ve got on a list on my wall. In addition, I’ve got a lot of training to do on various topics. This may seem agressive and optimistic, but if you shoot for the moon, you at least get into orbit.