SXSW Round Up

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Way overdue, but I finally have posted my SXSW photos to flickr.

Amy and I gave our panel on the first day of SXSW interactive and it was a blast. It was nice to have it out of the way so we could chill and enjoy the rest of the week. Despite a one day sickness that I warded off (and developed into South By Scurvy upon my return to DC) I was out and about at the conference center and Sixth Street Environs.

Here’s the breakdown of Photos:

SXSW Interactive

SXSW Music

Hotel Café Tour @ Parish

Sara Bareilles @ Parish

Honor by August (my band) at the 7th & Trinity Guitar Hero Stage (photos by our manager Trish on my camera)

and finally, but not least of all, Paramore at La Zona Rosa

SXSW Talk Now Online

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The talk that Amy Hoy and I gave at SXSW this year is now online at Check it out!

Our talk pitch: Zen masters taught it. Isaac Newton knew it. Scott Adams writes about it. Now you can know it, too. We’re talking, of course, about the manifold benefits of being a n00b (at something). And, of course, about all the good stuff that happens post-n00bishness: the excellent side effects of being good at multiple things, even if they’re not related – heck, especially if they’re not related. So many of humanity’s important discoveries, innovations and beautiful leaps of logic have been made by people whose brains were leveled up by the cross-fertilization of multiple interests and disciplines. Nano-thin specialization is out, a broad understanding of life, the universe, and everything is in. It’s time to synergize, baby. So, reach outside your comfort zone, be a beginner again, and you’ll be smarter, sexier, better at your job… even more valuable. With the wisdom of the ages (and a little bit from modern pundits), we’ll talk about how, why, when, and where you can go about it. You won’t regret it.

SXSW and the Flash Mob Party

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of our clients and a brilliant promoter and people person. While down here at SXSW this weekend, he got fed up with the crap lines outside the overcrowded official parties and sent out a ping:

"Huge free wine event at mariott lobby …. Sorry 16 bit"

…and the masses showed up mighty quick As the article says, it wasn’t on the event listings, it wasn’t an official party, and it got shut down by the hotel for being too loud. And it was one of the most enjoyable parties of the week.

Now that, my friends, is how rockstars do it.